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Category: CrossWalks - Crossing Signs

X155 - Cocker Spaniel Crossing - DC

Color: Caution Yellow



12" X 12" Aluminum Crossing Sign with 1 hole drilled.

All signs are screen printed and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


The English Cocker Spaniel is a hardy, energetic, merry and lovable, sweet and affectionate dog. This lively dog is excellent with kids: gentle and playful, but does not tolerate teasing well. A superior companion dog. Generally an outgoing breed, but some individuals can be reserved. Temperament varies widely, research individual lines.

Cocker Spaniel Crossing - DC

Artist: Tamarra Burnett

Copyright 10/01/2005 Tamarra Burnett

UCT #: 842648000055

Wholesale: $4.50